File explorer not responding

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Method 7: Install latest windows update Install latest windows update or updating any device driver. We hope this tutorial helped you in order to get help with file explorer in Windows 10 and knowing the best possible ways to solve issue. Please leave your feedback whether your issue resolved or not.

file explorer not responding
Windows 10 File Explorer Hangs When Right Clicks. I disabled web search. It seems you already resolved this by reinstalling windows but I hope this helps others with the same problem. So you see that its really very easy to Get help with File Explorer in Print 10. Then double click the file that you downloaded. Most of my existing shared folders exhibit this behavior. So if you ever have this kind situation than there is a real problem. Step 3: Check if the Text, Apps and other Items are not si more than 1 200%. Thanks for the fast response, dalchina. You can also try this Windows 10 File Explorer fix to solve your problem. Alt+up arrowkey : go up one folder in the folder tree.

This utility reveals the process details, and guides the user towards a more specific repairing procedure. As you can see, problems with file explorer can seriously limit your Windows 10 user experience but we hope that these solutions were helpful to you.

file explorer not responding

- Preview post Submit post Cancel post It's been a long time but I found a JPEG file that would hang File Explorer.

file explorer not responding

Microsoft resolves one problem or the other with every Windows Update. They try to make sure that the user gets all the updates by asking you to keep the auto updates turned on. However, even after producing such good updates, you might still come across some issues that are still not fixed. Such issues are very difficult to deal with if you do not know the proper procedure to resolve them. Solving these problems can pose a difficult challenge for you as sometimes these problems are out of the hands of regular people and you need technical knowledge to solve such problems. Among all the other such problems, one problem that you might have come across is File Explorer Not Responding error. In this article, we will be guiding you on how to solve the Windows 10 File Explorer Not Responding error. Here we will be explaining three methods in which you can solve the Windows 10 File Explorer Not Responding error. Method 1: Opening a different window. You may proceed to the next method if you are unable to open the File Explorer on your system. Choose from Options in the drop down list in the left corner and click on it. Then, again in another tab look for the View option and click on it. Keep scrolling down the list and look for the option Launch Folder Window in Separate Process. Generally, it is observed that in most of the cases this is the cause of the File Explorer Not Responding error in Windows 10. This procedure will help you in getting rid of the unresponsive file browser to another window and will resolve your problem. Method 2: Checking the settings in Texts, Apps, and Images: Though this method is very rarely the reason for the occurrence of File Explorer Not Responding error Windows 10, you can definitely give it a try. This problem might not seem a big issue but it has a great impact on your system. This is because if the size of the texts, apps and other items such as images is not according to the recommended size, it will lead to the crashing of the File browser because of the unacceptable size of the Screen and the Text. Method 3: Erasing all the Previous data: When none of the other methods work, you can opt for this method. This method will most probably help you in a definite way in solving the File Explorer Not Responding error Windows 10. If you are not able to open it yourself then you can go the search panel, search for Control Panel there and open it. The search bar will be available on the top right side of the control panel. The search results in front of you will show a number of options according to your System Configuration. Click on the particular option and open the File Explorer. Click on the Clear option. Doing this will erase all the previous data which could be the major cause of the File Explorer Not Responding error. This method will erase or remove all the recently used files in a Quick Access. It will also remove all the Quick Files. In this article, we have tried to resolve your problem in the easiest ways possible. If you are still not able to sort the problem even though these methods, they you can try Resetting your computer. If still, the problem persists, then it is quite possible that your Operating System might be corrupted. For this, you might need to Re-install Windows 10 on your computer. I hope your problem will get resolved and if not then you can drop your comments in the comment section below and I will try to provide you perfect solution as soon as possible.